Great news, the SPE Lagos section is expanding its programs to cater for the diverse technical needs of our members and there are now opportunities for you to volunteer. Thousands of volunteers around the world provide the energy that makes the Society function and you too can be a member of this great community of volunteers.
As a volunteer, you can:

  1. enhance your leadership and technical skills
  2. meet and work with other members from across the globe and build your network
  3. contribute in your area of interest at both the local and international level

Get started

  1. See below the available volunteer opportunities
  2. Find the opportunities of interest to you.
  3. Complete the application form and send to spelagos@gmail.com and SPELagos-Chairman@spemail.org


1. Energy4me

Energy4me is an educational program that educates the public about energy and puts a face on the industry. Energy is a critical issue worldwide, and SPE believes face-to-face contact is the ideal way to spread the word about energy conservation, the future of the oil and gas industry and its impact on the planet.

Volunteers are needed for the following activities

  1. Classroom Presentations
  2. :

    Make a difference in our industry while doing something good for your community. Classroom presentations to pre-university students are a great way to provide facts about energy and inspire students toward careers in the energy sector. Energy4me makes presentation preparation quick and easy. We offer ready-to-go PowerPoint presentations and fun activities that can be customized by individual presenters to give a local and personal perspective. Plus, Energy4me donates an Oil and Natural Gas book for you to give to the teacher at the presentation.

  3. Career workshop
  4. :

    Assist in drawing up program for the career workshop for secondary schools.

2.Student Affairs Committee – Volunteers

The volunteer will work with the committee to:

  1. Recommend student programs to be initiated at the Society level and works with staff members to implement approved programs.
  2. Encourage SPE sections to develop active student relations programs with student chapters in their areas.
  3. Assists student chapters with the development of programs and counsels them on operating problems.

3. Scholarship Committee – Volunteers

The volunteer will work with the committee to:

  1. Provide the scholarships to students and members in your area
  2. Review and rate applications within the provided time frame
  3. Participate in meeting to select winners of scholarships and fellowships based on provided criteria

4. Study Group – Volunteers

This initiative is aimed at promoting technical knowledge and experience sharing within the Lagos Section. To this end 5 study groups have been identified as listed below as the first phase of program based on the initial assessment of specific areas of interests and needs of members.

  1. HSE Study Group
  2. Reservoir Engineering Study Group
  3. Production Engineering Study Group
  4. Drilling Engineering Study Group
  5. Facilities Engineering Study Group

Other technical areas and study groups will be included in the second phase of the program – so don’t be discouraged if none of the study groups above appeal to you, more are coming. The key objective is for each study group to have its own committee charged with organizing programs / workshops specific to their technical areas. The volunteers will work as committee members. They will also help foster interaction and sharing of ideas on specific subjects (in their areas of interest and/or expertise) on a day to day basis via the SPE Blog.


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