Student Affairs Team


The Student Affairs department coordinates several activities and programs amongst which are:

Catch Them Young (CTY)

The main objective of this program is to encourage the pursuit of a career in petroleum engineering (PE) among secondary school level students.

Key focus:

  • Career talk on the prospects and requirements for a career in PE
  • Where possible industry sites visit to create long lasting impression
  • Essay and quiz competition to select the best three students from each section area and subsequently the best three students at Council level.
  • Presentation of awards (cash and certificates) to the three best students at Council level during the NAICE.

Every year, the Section sponsors winners and their parents and school principal to the venue of the NIACE for conferment of awards as a way of encouraging the student and promoting excellence.


Annual Students Technical Conference and Exhibition

The primary objective of this conference is to select the best student paper presenter to represent Nigeria and the African Region at SPE International ATCE. This is coordinated by the SPE Nigeria Council in conjunction with the Student Affairs departments of the various Sections in Nigeria.

Hosting rights rotates among student chapters in Nigeria and by practice is vested on a chosen chapter by the students at the end of any particular conference. SPE Nigeria Council at its January 19th2008 meeting in Benin, agreed that hosting right should be vested on Sections which should determine a suitable chapter within its Section area that has ready infrastructures for accommodation and technical session for hosting the conference.

The SPE Nigeria Council does not allow students to solicit for sponsorship independently. It supports the program financially and by playing a supervisory role to ensure a fit to purpose budget.

Technical papers submission and assessment for this event is usually managed by NAICE Technical Papers Committee with support from the Council’s Student Affairs Committee. For further guidance on the regional contest design contact – SPE African Region Director – currently Mr Anthony Ogunkoya


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